• Holiday Open House and Demo Night

    Studio Paran will be hosting a Holiday Open House, Saturday, December 6, 9-6pm  stop by for shopping, good cheer and some treats, and a special one day sale shelf

    this event will be part of the Merry Isthmus Art Crawl, visit all 5 stops and have a chance to will a fabulous  door prize. more info here.

    Also Friday night Dec 5. 5-9 pm we will be hosting the first of a new monthy Demo Night

    stop in while touring the hood and get wam while watching some amazing feats of glass blowing

    dont let the turkeys get you down, do you holiday shopping at Studio Paran

  • Perceptability contributors

    Here are some detail shots of the objects people brought and sent me to build my perceptability show

    around, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!

    Holly Cohn brought me this dryed beet that she had found with her husband Bob Rashid many years ago

    I was touched and honored by the memories she shared with me.

    Ann Orlowski shared this salt a friend had brought

    her from Bonaire ,Dutch Antilles

    Darby Puglielli, another parent from my kids school, found me waiting to pick up my son & presented me with this perfect sand dollar from a family trip to Longboat Key, FL. Much to my dismay it was broken during installation of the show, still an amazing piece of nature, and Im sure a holder of wonder memories

    Also from Florida, this tiny cone shell from Sanibel Island. I was telling  my friend Joanna Donovan about my project early on and she got all excited because she was in the middle of packing to take her kids on a road trip to Sanibel Island, a place she had dreamed of visiting since she had been told of this shelling capital years before.

    One of the first things I recieved was this moss riddled with beautiful little skirted seeds from my dear friend in Maraboro VT. Rose knows a thing or two about fairies, so I felt the project had been blessed at the start.