for the past few years Ive been chewing on the idea of building a tea house/ booth/ conversation room/ display hut but not really forcing the idea to coalesce into any final form. I recently made time to refine these notions and start to develop them into a real project

Shown is a model for a structure whose sole purpose is the viewing of one flower.  It will be crafted with traditional joinery allowing for dismantle,  each surface will have a replaceable covering that came be changed as circumstances require, responding to the location, framing unique views. I plan on installing this in as many diverse locations as possible; secluded forest glens, urban rooftops and parking lots, gallery spaces, frozen lakes, farmers fields, etc.  Inside will be placed a unique vase holding a singular flower chosen for the occasion.

This is my testament to the abiding value of noticing small things.

Join us Gallery night May 6 5pm -9pm to find out more about this project

We will also have glassblowing demos and cello music